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6 reasons to learn Miniature Painting
Abir Banerjee

Have you ever wondered what miniature art is all about and how you can practice it? There’s no better time than this pandemic period when you have extra time on your hands to let those creative juices flow.  So, here, you’re going to learn what miniature painting is about, why you should practice it, and how you can! Ready?

So, What Is Miniature Art?

Miniature paintings are detailed traditional paintings made on little pieces of canvas. The subjects in miniature paintings are small-sized compared to life-size paintings. In the past, it used to be made on silk cloth, manuscripts, handmade papers, and palm leaves. Miniature paintings were used as book illustrations. These artworks were torn out of books, making it easy to be carried about. Much later, artists were commissioned to make small portraits.

Artists who paint miniature paintings are called miniaturists. The London National Gallery has described a miniaturist as "an artist who paints in great detail on a very small scale".  This is such a perfect way to put it.

Persian Miniature Painting

Indian Miniature Art

Almost all Indian homes can boast of at least one miniature painting. Miniature art reflects not only the cultures of the people but also the religions. There were reproductions of this form of art in frames and books. In India, miniature paintings were originally done on palm leaves as far back as the 10th century. By the 14th century, it has evolved into paper, and this can be seen in Jain texts and illustrated Buddhist manuscripts. Today, there are different styles in miniature art. In all forms, however, it maintains its nature as an ancient form of art used to narrate modern day stories.

A Mughal miniature painting

An Indian Miniaturist You Should Know

Shammi Bannu

Shammi Bannu Sharma is an accomplished miniature and pichhwai artist who comes from a family of experienced miniature artists in India. He has received national awards in miniature painting. His family has been practicing miniature painting for over seven generations.

By Shammi Bannu

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Miniature Painting Out

It is a great creative and artistic outlet: Each one of us has creative juices flowing in us and one of the best ways to give expression to this creativity is by making cute little paintings. You never know what you can come up with if you give an outlet to your artistic tendencies.

It teaches you patience: When you paint, you have no choice but to be patient. Spending hours to get the perfect results trains you in the art of patience which is transferrable to other parts of your life.

It grows your concentration: Getting perfect strokes and shades takes 100% of your focus. This is a great skill that is needed in almost every aspect of life.

It relaxes you: Finding it difficult to relax? Try miniature painting. There is only one thing more calming as being lost in your imagination, and it is transferring that imagination into a piece of beauty that the world can appreciate.

You can create affordable pieces of art that people can own: Not everyone can afford life-sized or larger canvas paintings. Miniature paintings are easily affordable by most people, which means you have a larger target audience if you’re looking to sell your adorable pieces.

It doesn’t require a lot of display space:  There’s a reason why it’s called miniature art. It puts space to good use and you can make and display as many paintings as you like without worrying about where to put them.

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Art enthusiast from Kolkata
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