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A global network of artists and art lovers


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Art Lovers

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An interactive platform to connect artists and art lovers, with an ability to subscribe to rent, commission or buy Art directly from the artist.

Dear Artists, it's time to fully digitise your practise!

Share your artistic journey

Build your journey of making art, behind the scene story of being an artist in form of audio-video content.


Build your followers 

Generate curiosity among your art lovers.

Art as a Service

Put your art works in your art lovers homes on a subscription model and generate more income for your practise.

Democratise and Inspire 

Educate young artists and art followers.

A platform for all kinds of visual artists.

We are building a global community of visual artists and art lovers with a concept of local circles. 

How it will work?

01 Artists post their stories and behind the scene images and videos of their work.


02 Art lover sets the preferences about the kind of art works and artists they want to see like, street artists, contemporary art etc.


03 Art lover gets regular feed of inspirational stories of artists and their art works on her web board to follow, like and share.

04 Art lover can filter and subscribe to artists locally to see what artists in neighbourhood are making. 


05 Art lover can rent an artist work to host in her home for as low as $30 USD/ 2000 INR a month.     

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