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Is an online presence important for an artist?
Abir Banerjee


Art appreciation and interaction has greatly improved over time. Artists who have built a solid online presence for themselves are at the forefront of this improvement. The benefits associated with a good online presence are indeed significant, such that they cannot be overlooked even if we try to. From owning websites to uploading their portfolios on different platforms, artists are amassing fans, attracting new customers, and securing business associates.

No doubt, the electronic world is overtaking traditional routes and providing exposure in the best ways possible. As an artist, building an online presence for your art is very important for your growth, and here’s why:

It helps build your brand: Creating an online presence as an artist is a quick way to build your brand. Building a brand doesn’t only involve your art business. It involves you. Being available on various social platforms increases your credibility and helps you become easily accessible by potential customers. This strengthens brand recognition both for you and your art.  

It helps with Marketing: Apart from the large audience you can reach through various social platforms, your fans can reduce the budget of advertising. Many artists have built fanbases where they connect with fans and other artists like themselves. This has helped to increase their audience. Also, these fans share the artworks on their social platforms, thereby doing advertising and marketing for the artist.

It strengthens artist-customer relationship: It could be difficult trying to catch up with fans, coaches, and mentors but a good online presence helps to bridge that gap. Artists mostly stay in isolation or have to wait for art exhibitions before they can connect with people. An online presence ensures that you easily reach out to your audience in split seconds and connect with your fans and/or customers.

Feedback is sure: One way to grow in any business is to get feedback from your customers. After all, they relate to your art directly. With a strong online presence, you can get an immediate response to your artworks. This will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths and subsequently shape you into becoming a better artist.

Artist having an online presence

How can I build my online presence?

Besides owning your website where people can meet and contact you, several platforms are available which provides a good opportunity to create a large audience. They include:

  • DeviantArt
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr

It would not be a bad idea to be in as many of these platforms as you can find. Show the world what you are capable of doing. A vivid example is Instagram which serves as a virtual gallery for a lot of artists. Some even go ahead to show short clips of their art creation process. How’s that for growing fanbase?

What if building an online presence is not for me?

Except if growth is not for you, then you have won this argument. Investing in an online presence is a powerful business tool which artist should not neglect. Yes, it may look like a lot of work trying to manage all the platforms, but you can begin gradually. Start with one platform. Once you know your way around it, then you can move to the next. However, ensure that you do not remain at a spot.

Despite the impact of online presence on artists, some are still not interested in the idea of creating a online presence for themselves. We cannot underestimate the impact of the traditional art world, but we will also not deny the wonderful opportunities a good online presence makes available.  

Social media has provided an opportunity for everyone, whether new or old, to thrive as an artist.

So, are you still sleeping on building a social presence for yourself? Your audience is out there waiting. Take advantage of this opportunity. Give it your best effort. How has having an online presence helped your art? We would love to know.

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Abir Banerjee
Art enthusiast from Kolkata
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