Andrew Paul
Bangalore, India
Abstract artist

My work stems from a longing to order my thoughts and ideas cohesively. The process is influenced by the environment I have adapted to in North London where I went to do my MFA, quite different from my hometown of Bangalore. My thematic material tends to evoke 'awareness', association and memory. More recently, in addition to painting, I have begun to experiment with moving image that gives the viewer an insight, through video, into the processes involved in making the paintings.

Selected Work
250 x 150 cm, © 2020, INR 58500
Two dimensional | Painting | Oil | On Canvas
150*250 cms | Oil on canvas | Abstract art
150*250 cms | Oil on linen | Installation art
I usually use a piece of rag to clean my brushes, or even materials after I use them. I looked at this piece of cloth in the corner of the room and it got me thinking 'this fabric holds a story so personal, it has so much of information about my process, the making, and the entirety of me while I am in the studio present. The piece of rag isn't just a cloth anymore, it is now a part of me.
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